An art supplies shop that sells paint, markers, crafting, and other articles for artists. The company caters to clients in the USA and the UK.


The client was pursuing a marketing strategy that didn’t bring the expected results. PPC advertising required tangible costs but didn’t pay off. Overlooked SEO and low Google organic traffic were not conducive to sales growth either.
To overcome the stalemate, the company opted for SEO services and reached out to Primeseo. The key goal emphasized by the client was to increase the visibility of their two websites with the domain areas and .com. The goal also presupposed:

  • Boosting organic traffic;
  • Building brand awareness;
  • Increasing conversion rates and sales.


The Primeseo agency conducted an all-around audit of the client’s and their competitors’ websites, which helped us to come up with an effective SEO strategy.

We also carried out a complete audit of the way the client’s marketing and development departments create and add content to the website. As a result, a clear-cut scheme of coordination with copywriters and content marketers was built.

These measures taken, the content became more SEO-optimized, and SEO technical aspects started to be taken into account when adding a new item. Thus, adding new content to the website became more effective and less effort-consuming for employees.

The client had a blog, and as soon as blog posts complied with SEO requirements, the blog started driving higher traffic and conversion rates.

The Primeseo team performed a technical audit which included fixing broken links and links to other pages of the website, fixing server and micromarking errors. The visible part was fine-tuned as well by adding more useful content, making the design more eye-pleasant and user-friendly to encourage potential customers to make an order.

Some more services provided to the client:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Fixed indexing issues
  • Website speed optimization
  • Image optimization
  • UX audit
  • Meta tag optimization


Link building wasn’t at the fore of our tasks as the client’s budget was limited. Still, our specialists were gradually adding backlinks to the website using the outreach strategy.


Main domain .com

After four months of close cooperation during the project, the website experienced a surge in traffic from 10K users per month up to 25K users per month. A tag cloud (a list of Google queries that lead to the website) saw a threefold increase as well. See the statistics of organic traffic from the Ahrefs service below:

UK domain

Four months of diligent project realization made the client’s traffic in the UK skyrocket. Organic traffic in this region soared from 180 users per month up to 3K users per month. In addition, a tag cloud increased by 6 times. You may take a look at the organic traffic statistics from the Ahrefs service below:

Yana Ihnatchyck

SEO executive - Primeseo

The point of success was that our client performed all the SEO tasks precisely and at short notice. That’s why the first results were soon visible! It’s a usual problem to delay completing SEO tasks. And what if you want quick tangible results? In this case, the best tactic is to create a suitable project strategy and track the quality and timing of SEO task completion.