SEO for the hotel industry

If you have a hotel or traveling business it’s crucial to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website. SEO for the hotel industry can definitely bring lots of potential buyers and increase the number of hotel bookings.

What is SEO in the hotel industry?

It is certain that SEO for accommodation websites include classic optimization tasks like:

  • technical audit

  • content optimization

  • link-building

  • competitors analysis, etc.

However, SEO for the hotel industry has it’s own specifications. For instance, it is necessary to optimize all images. Well-optimized pictures influence page speed and indexation in general. 

Moreover, for effective promotion it is crucial to create and optimize a convenient search form for room booking.

How important is website optimization on a hotel website?

Online competition in the Hotel and Tourism industry is at an all time high. 

It is common knowledge that potential hotel guests land on a website from search engines. There for it is necessary to create an effective SEO strategy, to ensure traffic is driven to the right place.  

Subsequently, lots of visitors will be attracted to your website.

SEO strategy for hotel businesses

Firstly it is important to define your target audience. 

Here are some examples:

  • Wealthy people who prefer luxury hotels.

  • Audiences who are looking for hotels with adventurous activities.

  • Resort Leisure travelers.

  • Business travelers.

  • Backpackers who prefer hostels.

  • People who like Adult Only hotels.

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As a result of understanding the search intent of your audience SEO-specialists. Can implement unique optimization strategies for hotel websites.

The next step should be competitor analysis. 

Other websites’ SEO and marketing strategies help us to choose the right SEO solutions for your hotel platform.

Hotel SEO-keywords

It is necessary to find a lot of effective keywords for content optimization and link-building. The effect of this is an increase in organic traffic. 

It is better to use various types of queries:

  • Long-tail keywords

  • Topic-related words

  • Local queries

  • “How to” keywords, etc.

The main SEO tools for keyword research:

Luxury hotel SEO services

Let’s consider luxury hotels as an example. 

Here are effective queries for good SEO:

luxury hotel, luxury hotel near me, luxury hotel room, luxury hotel las vegas, luxury hotel in las vegas, best luxury hotel in las vegas. luxury las vegas hotel rooms, book luxury hotel, can i book multiple rooms through luxury hotel and resorts, etc.

This shows how you can attain common keywords for your hotel website. But it needs additional similar terms to be ranked higher on Google.

Hotel SEO agency

Primeseo provides professional SEO services for the Hotel industry. 

Our seo specialists focus all efforts to secure the best rankings on search engines for your hotel. 

Using effective SEO tools our team can achieve significant results. 

We help your hotel brand to stand out amongst the crowd and reach the TOP positions. Feel free to contact us!