SEO Lead Generation Services

Primeseo provides SEO lead generation services and develops custom solutions that give you a competitive edge. Tap into our search engine optimization services to find out how much SEO strategy can help with generating leads and allow your business to experience exponential growth.

SEO for Lead Generation: Benefits for Your Business

  • Reduced costs
  • Automatic lead gen
  • Reduced manual work for managers
  • A real estimate of the number of customers and converted leads;
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Accurate planning of the advertising budget
  • Expand business scale through specific data analysis

Why Leverage Custom Approach to Lead Generation?

To show users the most relevant offers, we categorize leads into cold, warm, and hot ones. Primeseo marketers study their reaction to promotional offers and choose only those SEO strategies for lead generation that work best.

Cold Leads

They were once interested and gave their contacts, but now they’re not ready to buy or haven’t formed a need. It’s up to SEO specialists to warm them up with discounts on the first purchase, blog posts, a subscription to social media, etc.

Warm Leads

Warm leads have a formed need, they have studied your promotional offer and got in touch with the seller. Bonuses and discounts matter to this segment.

Hot Leads

These customers are ready to buy the product, which is why they have to be processed correctly, otherwise, they will cool down. It’s still vital to communicate with them, for example, by presenting a new product.

Industry Specifics of Lead Generation


The key metric for online stores is conversion to purchase. To increase this metric, the Primeseo team studies the performance of the landing page, how easy it is to search for products and place orders, and fine-tunes communication channels with customers.


SaaS holds conversion to registration as the key indicator. To reach high conversion rates, we make sure the client feels the benefit from your service or product and quickly masters the basic features of the software. An engaging onboarding and well-conceived first interaction matter in this sector.


In B2B, lead generation is a great tool for building the cornerstone of a sales stream. To increase this indicator, it’s essential to interest the client with a well-structured and user-friendly website, a comprehensive landing page, and useful offers in exchange for contacts – blog posts, market research, or a webinar recording.

Our Strategies

As a lead generation SEO company, we’re in the loop of the most significant factors that make your SEO strategy work out and get you quality leads.

Keyword Research

Targeted keywords are the backbone of SEO content, as keyword research helps you drive more traffic, increase sales, and get a great ROI from your marketing. While conducting keyword research, we consider demand, search intent, competition, and other factors to get a consistent stream of sales and leads.

Content Optimization

We deliver quality content optimization through fine-tuning meta descriptions, defining page structure and H-titles, assigning image attributes and internal links, and analyzing user interaction with the content. Engagement, relevance, relation to the user’s search intent – everything matters in producing high-quality content in your area of expertise.

Landing Page Optimization

Advanced SEO efforts will increase the SERP ranking of your landing pages and make sure you reach your target audience. With the right search engine optimization, your webiste will appeal to people interested in your topic, product, or service. Our specialists will enhance and improve each element of your landing page to convert your visitors into leads while delighting them.

Technical & UX Improvements

Optimizing key technical elements will significantly help to improve traffic to your website and bring a higher ranking in search engine result pages. High website speed and a proper technical setup allow search engines to understand what a site is about and rank it higher. The website’s UX matters as well – web design relevant to the online audience is conducive to enhancing your SEO potential.


Starting a blog can become an effective lead gen tool for both small and large businesses. It gives a possibility to highlight the benefits, share case studies, and build links to web pages. Regular posts with relevant and valuable content, keywords, subheadings, and backlinks are a critical element of effective SEO.

E-mail Newsletters

Creating useful content is half the battle – you have to build communication channels to share it with your clients. By subscribing to your e-mail newsletters, people get regular mentions of you and return once they’re ready to make a purchase. An e-mail subscription allows you to share products and relevant information with the client and encourage them to buy with special offers and discounts.

Wide Expertise

Our experienced SEO specialists give you an edge over the competition and help you show Google that you’re putting your customers first.

Strategy Customization

Each of our lead gen SEO solutions is highly personalized. This allows you to form genuine long-term relationships with your prospects and customers.

Cost-Effective Services

We provide inexpensive SEO lead generation services with the best price-quality balance. Our effective digital marketing campaigns drive potential customers to your website through organic traffic for the best price.


Be in the loop of each our action and cooperate with us to skyrocket website search results and attract the target audience to your website.


How Do SEO Services Generate Leads?

SEO enables you to drive traffic to your website and, thereby, increase sales. Promoting effective queries helps attract loyal customers and potential clients who will perform the required action and be converted into leads.

How Much Does Lead Generation Cost?

Primeseo SEO services cost from $1200 per month. The budget is formed based on an in-depth analysis of the client’s business, competitors, the website’s condition, and the link network.

How Does SEO Affect Lead Generation?

These two notions are interconnected. If SEO is overlooked, the lead gen rate will be lower or even close to the zero point.

How Do I Get SEO Leads?

Instead of trying to do it on your own, it’s better to avoid extra costs and time waste by outsourcing lead generation to Primeseo. Our specialists will conduct a quality analysis of each element (content and its relevance, technical structure and design, communication channels with the clients, etc.) and offer you strategies that will work out best for your business.