Technical SEO Services

Primeseo provides quality Technical SEO services that every site needs today. If you take advantage of our advanced technical SEO consulting you will be convinced that the right SEO strategy leads to a confident result!

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of getting a website to meet the technical requirements of search engines. This includes creating a logical site structure, as well as making it easier for the content to be crawled and indexed by search engines. Another important aspect is making sure the site loads quickly and displays correctly on all devices, including mobile ones. All sites should do technical SEO but it is particularly important for e-commerce. It is with the help of technical SEO that an e-commerce's primary content – products and categories – can reach the top in Google. Primeseo technical SEO consultants are ready to provide you with quality ecommerce technical SEO services.

Thanks to technical SEO services your website:

  • Will load at lightning speed
  • Will be easy to use on mobile phones
  • Will not have links issues
  • Will be completely safe for users
  • Will not have duplicate content

With advanced technical SEO consulting you will have a competitive advantage over many other web pages on the Internet. Search engine optimization and link-building can be compared to one big competition, where every improvement you can make contributes to a higher ranking. This is where technical SEO is a very important piece of the puzzle.

Technical SEO Consulting

When you hire our technical SEO services agency for technical SEO consulting, you also choose an SEO partner that is both safe and clear. Our technical SEO consultants are with your company every step of the way, from planning to implementation and quality assurance

To understand what kind of technical SEO needs to be done, our technical SEO (audit) consultant needs to analyze the website to see what gaps exist. At this stage, we form an idea of who the users are and how they move around the site. At this point, the dialogue with the client is important for us to understand the overall and specific objectives of the website.

To ensure that the entire technical search engine optimization process can be implemented in practice, we make sure to set up a system early on in the process to manage the various actions that need to be carried out.

The next step is that we go through all the cases with the people who will implement the technical improvements on the website. Once we have reached this stage, Primeseo technical SEO (audit) consultant can produce an estimated resource requirement with priorities and a timetable.

SEO technical audit services

Our technical SEO audit services cover all the parameters that can affect your visibility in search engines. We go through every technical aspect that can affect your site's ranking in Google and other search engines. The list of actions can be long. Here are some examples of common problems and solutions related to technical search engine optimization.

Google index

For your website and its content to appear in Google, it must be included in the Google index, which is like a list of information about all the sites that Google knows about. Sites that are listed are searchable. This is therefore a prerequisite for appearing in the results at all and the very first step in technical SEO.

Load time

Nobody likes it when a website loads slowly. After only a few seconds, many people get bored and move on. Google has taken this into account and made page speed a ranking factor. That's why short load time is an important part of technical SEO.


What are some examples of technical SEO?

Technical SEO includes setting up redirects, setting up canonical, optimizing robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, page speed optimization, working with server responses, technical errors, etc.

What is the average cost for technical SEO services?

The cost of technical SEO starts at $1200 per month. In this case, the budget is influenced by the technical state of the site and the analysis of competitors' business.

What is the difference between on-page SEO and technical SEO?

On-Page SEO and technical SEO are the same. On-Page SEO and technical SEO mean all the things that you can do on your website/content, including technical issues.