Ecommerce SEO Audit Services Tailored to Your Website Needs

Are you looking to build brand awareness and increase your website’s ranking? If so, an ecommerce SEO audit is a crucial first step. Using our technical know-how and in-house technology, we can help your brand identify any issues that could impact your website rank in search results.

What Is an SEO Audit?

It presupposes an analysis of a website for compliance with the requirements of search engines, as well as an assessment of its user-friendliness. After it is conducted, we provide a report with the identified bottlenecks and recommendations for their elimination.

Armed with the knowledge of the major stifling points, you can:

  • Understand the to-dos to increase sales from the site
  • Reduce time and costs for ecommerce site promotion
  • Maximize your PPC campaigns
  • Increase SERPs
  • Bring in more customers through organic search
  • Improve brand awareness

Do I Need an Ecommerce SEO Audit?

Regardless of your current situation, our SEO experts will help your company plan an effective business strategy. We study your current website, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with factual suggestions for improving it.
If any of the situations below sound familiar to you, a website audit is what you need.

  • The company is planning to start promoting its website

  • A new version of the website is soon to be launched

  • The website is being promoted but with no success

  • The website fell under search engine filters.

  • You’re performing it yourself and want to check you’re moving in the right direction

  • You want to cut down promotion costs

  • You’re looking for new growth directions

Why Primeseo?

Primeseo’s data-driven approach and customized ecommerce SEO audit strategies provide a holistic solution that distinguishes us from our competition. We always focus our efforts on driving maximum ROIs by implementing search engine optimization processes and ensuring sustainable growth of your ecommerce site.

Bespoke Approach

Primeseo opts for quality over quantity. We’re committed to conducting a comprehensive analysis of our client’s website and working out an individual strategy.

High Expertise

Our website is in the hands of well-versed cross-industry professionals with years of experience in promoting websites and helping companies boost revenue.

Detailed Reports

While carrying out an all-around audit of your website’s performance, we notice each tiny element relevant for the final result and include it in the report.

Ecommerce SEO Audit: Checklist.

At Primeseo, we offer professional SEO audit services to our customers. Our team of experts uses the most up-to-date techniques and tools to spot and fix the errors and improve user experience. Check out the steps we take towards your business growth.

Content Audit

Our SEO team will review your current content strategy and make suggestions on new more profitable ones to engage readers to the fullest.

  • Keyword research

  • Meta descriptions & meta/title tags

  • Headings structure

  • Content quality & quantity

  • Duplicate content issues

  • Hidden content

  • Category & product pages

  • Product description

  • Social media presence and more

Technical Audit

Our web development team works hand-in-hand with our SEO team to study the technical aspects of your web infrastructure and determine what programming or technical issues may be causing SEO problems.

  • HTML & XML sitemaps

  • Website crawl health

  • Indexability issues

  • Robots.txt configuration

  • Canonical tags

  • URL & site structure

  • Cloaked URLs

  • Pagination compliance

  • Nofollow vs noindex set up

  • Navigation

  • Mobile friendliness

  • Page load speed and more

Link Audit

At this point, our specialists will determine whether link juice is being passed through your link network and gauge how much each link is helping or hurting your SEO.

  • Broken links

  • Internal links

  • Backlinks & link-building

  • Negative SEO and more


How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost?

The cost depends very much on a mix of factors such as website condition, complexity, and project scope. A basic ecommerce SEO audit service starts at $1000. This analysis on its own can bring a significant amount of value to your business.

Is an SEO Audit Worth It?

Definitely, it is. A quality analysis of a website will allow you to see as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance as possible. As a result, you’ll understand the subtleties of a website promotion strategy and find out the goals to achieve for increasing the company’s revenue.