Meet Primeseo Page Speed Optimization Consultants to Achieve Fastest Performance

Put your best foot forward with a speed-optimized website. Our page speed optimization consultants can help you deliver better results by making it lightning fast.

Why Is Page Speed Important?

Search engines are interested in showing users only high-quality resources that fully correspond to their requests. Thus page speed is an important parameter that needs to be worked on. If your website loads more than three seconds, you must be losing the lion's share of visitors and potential customers.

For this reason, businesses opt for page speed optimization services to satisfy customers and increase sales. Optimizing your page speed, you gain loads of benefits:

  • Increased loading speed
  • Reduced server load
  • Higher ranking in search results
  • Increased website traffic
  • Higher retention and conversion rates
  • Enhanced user experience
  • A boost in sales

Do I Need to Optimize Website Speed?

Whether you face challenges or think you’re doing well, there’s always room for improvement. At Primeseo, we address each element that can be a potential bottleneck stifling your website performance. If any of the situations below rings a bell to you – do not overlook website page speed optimization for better SEO.

  • You want to build brand awareness and credibility

  • Costs on advertising don’t pay off

  • You have a mass media site and aim at selling more ads without losing your audience.

  • The bounce rate is too high

  • You lag behind your competitors in search results

  • Low customer loyalty and high customer churn

  • A high share of mobile users but low conversions

  • Your site brings profits but you want to increase revenue

Why Choose Primeseo

At Primeseo, we know your time is valuable, which is why we provide web performance optimization to decrease load time and increase your digital impact. After implementing our services, you’ll see real-time improvements with decreased bounce rate and extended time-on-page.

Comprehensive Approach

Tackling slow website loading requires a complete analysis of a website, which our specialists eagerly take up. We ensure your website comes up quickly, giving you a greater chance of ranking higher.

Quality Over Quantity

A supreme-quality result is what we put first in our cooperation with clients. Working out a custom solution, we are specialized in getting the maximum performance out of any type of website, including yours.

Skilled Team

At Primeseo, our knowledge and expertise in website speed optimization are top-notch. With years of experience, we know the ins and outs of professional web performance optimization to make your website score high with Google PageSpeed.

More About Our Page Speed Optimization Services

Your website is running below standards? Our speed optimization services can help your site reach its peak potential and improve SEO performance. Just a few of the ways that we ensure our customers have high-quality Primeseo page speed optimization on their website.


As time passes, WordPress CMS gets packed with useless files, data, and other elements. Our experts will clean it up, reducing its size and making it easier to get the requested content with minimal processing cycles for servers.


Although they are vital in dealing with particular challenges, an excessive number of redirects may create additional HTTP queries. To handle it, we will delete no longer necessary redirects, which will positively affect page speed, in particular, on mobile devices.


Increased loading speed can be achieved through caching. We create content copies and set up browser caching to let the browser reproduce the saved data without requesting it from the server again. The result is fewer MBs downloaded and much better performance.

Image Size

Quality speed improvement can’t be conducted without image optimization. By compressing images in size and weight, we reduce the amount of transferred data and, as a result, speed up page loading.

JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Reducing the number of client-server requests is another integral part of the optimization process. Our team of web developers minimizes and removes all unnecessary and compressible code lines to lower network latency, the number of HTML requests, and allow a site to load quickly.

GZIP Compression

Gzip is an effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site. With its help, we compress files into an archive that the browser can download faster before decompressing and displaying the content to website visitors.


Why Is Web Performance Optimization Important?

By optimizing web performance, you improve user satisfaction, further drive more traffic, increase page views, conversions, and grow revenue. In return, all these factors can skyrocket your SEO performance and SERP results, which is also conducive to business growth.

What Is the Optimal Page Speed?

On average, website visitors will wait no more than three seconds for a page to load before deciding to leave a site. Websites exceeding this limit turn visitors away and rank lower in search results.

How Much Do Page Speed Optimization Services Cost?

The final cost of the services ranges based on a client’s business specifics, competitors, website condition, link network, and other factors. The basic service starts at $1200. Yet, this package on its own can bring significant value to your business.

How to Reduce Page Speed?

When it comes to loading speed, each site element, from images and content to technical settings and cache, plays a role. One of the vital factors is the loading speed of the head of a landing page, which Primeseo tackles as part of website SEO promotion.