SEO Analysis Сompany

Why is SEO Analysis Useful?

SEO analysis service, or SEO audit, is very similar to a report on the general condition of the site. As a result of such an analysis, it will be possible to consider in detail how well the SEO strategy is being implemented. Moreover, you will also be able to understand who your competitor is, where they position themselves, whether you have any technical errors and shortcomings and by which keywords you rank. SEO analysis company is useful and important for the reason that it shows your strengths and weaknesses. He makes it clear what needs to be worked on to achieve the best result. Such an analysis is primarily useful information that will guide you in the right direction. This is necessary so that you can develop your ideal SEO strategy.

You will be able to achieve the following as a result of professional SEO Analysis:

  • achieve your company goals
  • drive website traffic
  • rank higher
  • improve your reach
  • improve your SEO strategy
  • expand audience
  • improve keywords ranking
  • get better site metrics and SEO scores

Who needs SEO Analysis?

Young Websites

SEO analysis will help you significantly increase your rating and expand the audience of the site.

Large-scale projects

Seo consulting and competitor analysis services will help to improve your SEO strategy and build up new positions by auditing your competitor's rankings.

Mass media and blogs

It is more likely that your project will appear in the top search results when there are more sources that reference your content.

What are the strategies of SEO Audit?

Review of the headings and titles.

This point is extremely important since the headlines are actually the face of the site. They should definitely attract users to visit your site. We analyze the use of keywords to boost your page in search results.

Analysis of the inbound links.

We analyze incoming links to your website and determine who links to your company. It will also help to significantly increase the ranking in search engines.

Review of thе internal links.

Internal links are an important component for improving the rating. They are needed to create new pages.

Consideration of the content on the website.

The content of the site is one of the most important components. We will make sure that there is no duplicate content or any errors on your site.

Pagespeed optimization

Primeeseo team analyzes website performance and page speed insights. We make efficient decisions for your website pagespeed optimization.


How does Primeseo handle analytics reporting?

Our company provides users with a monthly and high-quality report on website traffic and its positions. The report also includes the results of SEO promotion and project plans.

How much does SEO analysis cost?

The cost is formed based on factors such as the client's business, the state of the site, competitors, and the reference environment. A comprehensive CEO costs $1,200 per month. A one-time analysis will cost $1000.

Is it worth paying for SEO?

The Primeseo team knows exactly how to achieve the best results. With the help of our company, the project will have the right strategy, the rating will be significantly increased and the audience will be expanded. Seo services are definitely worth it.