Our Client

A Primeseo team had a successful SEO case of an Indian wedding planners business. Our client ordered SEO services for 4 months. The key goal of the site optimization was USA traffic increasing. Primeseo team faced the following challenges:

  • low traffic,
  • technical issues,
  • unoriginal content.
  • Budget for SEO and link-building: $1300 a month.


    Our experts know all the techniques that work to bring in engaged couples, who are searching for wedding planners online.

Competitor Analysis

After analyzing successful competitors’ websites, we proposed an effective SEO strategy. It helped our client’s site to reach the TOP positions.

Content Optimization and Keywords Allocation

Firstly, we gathered a lot of effective keywords on the topic of wedding planners. All texts were customized. Moreover, we used long-tail queries for content creation, for example, “outdoor wedding event planning”. Crucial Meta tags were almost all unoptimized on the website. We added them for the best SEO rankings.

Local traffic

The Section Locations was created. So, we added a lot of new pages with USA area locations. Local queries were used, for example, “Wedding Planner in Las Vegas”. It impacted the local traffic significantly.

Blog Optimization

Primeseo SEO-specialists created special technical tasks for content writers. We began to publish 3 articles a week, which resulted in an increase in traffic.

Link Building

The following link-building methods were used: 

  • Submit
  • `Commenting
  • `Outreach

Budget for paid links: $300 a month.


There are traffic statistics by Ahrefs on the screenshot above. 

You can see that the Organic traffic increased from 5000 users per month to 9000 users.

Yana Ihnatchyck


“The wedding industry is unique, and you will be best served by hiring SEO-specialists who understand wedding businesses and how couples search. If you want to gain more traffic and attract new clients, I highly recommend the wedding SEO services offered by Primeseo”.