Our Background

Our team was approached by a website distributor of alcoholic beverages. We have been working on this project for 6 months already. The key goals of the site development were:

  • local traffic enhancement
  • boost customer loyalty
  • increase the number of calls

What difficulties have we encountered?

  • little traffic
  • low download speed,
  • insufficient amount of content

Our Solutions

Content Organization

We have added a lot of new content and turned the existing one into a unique and captivating one. Meta tags were almost all empty on the site. We added them and analyzed their efficiency. They impacted traffic and engagement rates, which influenced SEO and rankings. Meta tags are an integral part of a solid SEO strategy.

Competitor Analysis

After analyzing successful client cases, we proposed our effective and currently prosperous SEO strategy. It helped us recognize how we can enhance our business strategy.

Customer’s Loyalty

We have filled the site with important pages (for example, contacts, and team members) to make it easier and faster for the client to navigate. This has increased customer satisfaction. Calls from the client have become more frequent. Customer loyalty increased profits, improved sales success, and allowed for sustainable growth.

Mobile Version Optimization

It not only made sure to properly display on smaller screens, but also made the app much easier to navigate. It arranged content, displayed larger navigation buttons, and optimized images according to screen size.

Optimization of Site Loading Speed

A fast-loading website not only delivers a good user experience but helps in creating a lasting positive impression among customers. Hence, optimizing page load speed is of utmost importance for every website developer and tester.

Blog Creation

There was no blogging on the site before us, we began to publish 1 article a week, which resulted in an increase in traffic. Relevant and new content added to our site gives visitors and customers new information and a reason to return. More importantly, fresh content encourages the search engines to come back and reindex the site, ultimately helping increase website visitors. New content is fundamental to search engine optimization (SEO).

Link Building

Despite the limited budget of the client, we gradually added the company to various catalogs and aggregators. Building a backlink portfolio is by far the oldest and most commonly used means of achieving this goal.



During 4 months of work on the project, organic traffic increased from 0 users per month to 180.

meta title – SEO to Increase Traffic for a Website of Alcoholic Beverages Distributor

meta description – In this article, we explore how it is possible to successfully increase traffic and attract new customers to an alcoholic beverages website that has a limited budget.

Yana Ihnatchyck

SEO executive - Primeseo

“It's lucky when the site has few competitors. The budget for SEO is immediately reduced. You only need to do the right basic SEO optimization. Low-competitive queries in this case quickly fly into the TOP. Then, it remains for the SEO specialist to maintain their achieved level, and gradually promote medium- and highly competitive requests. The presented case shows the results of the promotion of low- and medium-competitive queries. The client's task was not carried out very quickly, so after six months the first significant result was obtained”.